24K Gold Caviar 3-Step Care Solution Set (Pack of 10)


$ 38.99

Perfect & Fast Skincare Solution for dull, lackluster, rough skin!

Step 1: 24K Gold Caviar Cleanser
Step 2: 24K Gold Caviar Mask
Step 3: 24K Gold Caviar Cream

3-step care provides deep cleansing, firming & nourishing to your skin.

 A luxury firming care mask formulated with 24K gold and caviar extracts.

- Contains 24K gold and caviar extracts to help with rich nourishment to leave your skin radiant and resilient.

- The skin-friendly NUDE-CELL sheet helps with effective penetration of firming and nourishing formulas for firmer, healthier skin.

- Elishacoy's patented ingredient YOUTHWATER is formulated to smooth rough skin for the natural vitality and hydration of tired and dry skin.

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