Super Hyalurone 3-Step Care Solution Set (Pack of 10)


$ 35.99

Moisturizing & Anti-Wrinkle

A super moisturizing care sheet mask formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Lotus Extract.

  • Contains natural hydrating factors of hyaluronic acid and Lotus extracts to help with moisturization for dry skin.
  • The skin-friendly Nude-Cell Sheet helps with effective penetration of plant-origin hydrating formulas for rejuvenation with moisture.
  • ElishaCoy's patented ingredient, Youth Water, is formulated to smooth rough skin for the natural vitality and hydration of the tired and dry skin.

Step 1: Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cleanser
Step 2: Moist Up Super Hyalurone Sheet Mask
Step 3: Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream

How to use: Use Step 1 Cleanser to wash face; then spread Step 2 Sheet Mask even over face, leave it for 10-20 minutes and then remove the mask; Gently pat skin until the essence is fully absorbed; Lastly, apply Step 3 Cream to face.



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